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The United Nations Population Fund hereafter referred to as UNFPA is in the process of identifying potential non-governmental implementing partners for the implementation of the Population Planning and Research (PPR) the following interventions: a) Conduct meta-analysis and in-depth secondary analysis of population data, census data to generate demographic intelligence to inform the planning of policies and programmes, including population projection; b) Capacity development of policymakers’/ GOB officials to formulate policy/plan in SRH particularly to achieving universal health coverage and access to high-quality SRH information and services especially for vulnerable population; c) Develop analytical pieces such as NTA on population dynamics to integrate into national planning.

For more details, please refer to the attached EoI, Scope of Work and Invitation for ProposalsThose interested in participating in the process should forward their expression of interest to by 28 February 2022, 5:00 pm

Upon receipt of the above information from prospective non-governmental organisations, UNFPA will review applicants for placement on a short-listed of potential implementing partners. The invitation for the proposal will provide a more detailed description of the scope of work.
Note: Due to the high volume of communications, UNFPA is not in a position to confirm receipt of the EoI.