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The United Nations Populations Fund, hereafter referred to as UNFPA is in the process of identifying potential non-governmental implementing partners for the midwifery programme for its 10th Country Programme (2022-2026) remaining period for the implementation of the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) programme on the following interventions in selected districts:

  • Mentorship supports in midwifery education and services and addressing the impact of climate change on the sexual and reproductive health of the population, including supporting health systems in delivering climate change resilient sexual and reproductive health services.
  • Empowering the Bangladesh Midwifery Society (BMS) to strengthen, give voice to, and advocate for the midwifery profession. 

Interested organizations should submit their completed IFP in one single PDF format at and one full set of hard copies in sealed envelope marking “NGO Invitation for Proposals” to the mentioned address in the IFP document by 13 November 2022, 5:00 pm.

UNFPA will review applicants for placement on a short-list of potential implementing partners and the IFP form will provide the selection criteria and a more detailed description of the scope of work. 

Note: Due to the high volume of communications, UNFPA is not in a position to confirm receipt of the CFEI/IFP