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20 December 2021

UNFPA’s life skills education inspires adolescent girls to say no to child marriage

After attending UNFPA’s life skills education classes, 18-year old Tahiya felt empowered to stop the marriage of her best friend One day in Iqbalpur High School, Jamalpur District, Tahiya found her... Read more

22 November 2021

Maisha’s story of standing up to sexual harassment

“We have recorded many videos of you through the window.  Call this number and send us 10,000 TAKA (approximately 120$) or we will make these videos go viral on Facebook!” 18-year old Maisha from... Read more

18 November 2021

UNFPA advocates for enhanced urban sustainability through good population density practices

As more and more people in Bangladesh continue to migrate into urban areas, it is increasingly important that the flow of people into the cities is managed in a sustainable manner. To discuss how... Read more

14 November 2021
Press Release

UNFPA and the British High Commission observe the Government’s vaccination drive at Hurdco International School

To increase the country’s COVID-19 vaccine coverage, the Government of Bangladesh has begun a vaccination drive of children between the ages of 12 and 17 this month. In the first phase of its ‘Pfizer... Read more

9 November 2021

Midwives bring hope to women on St. Martin’s Island

After being featured on countless posters promoting tourism in Bangladesh for decades, the small island of St. Martin could seem like the most idyllic setting one could ever wish to live in. Each... Read more

11 October 2021

তাহিয়ার সাফল্যঃ বন্ধু শিলার বিয়ে বন্ধ করে দুজনেই একসাথে স্কুলে যেতে পারছে

কোভিড-১৯ অতিমারির সময়ে অনেক মেয়েরই বিয়ে হয়ে গেল, কেড়ে নিল কত জীবনের স্বপ্ন!   তাহিয়ার বন্ধু শিলা একজন মেধাবী ছাত্রী। সে ক্লাসে সবসময়ই প্রথম ১০ এর মধ্যে থাকত। দুজনের মধ্যে  গলায় গলায় ভাব। পড়াশুনায়... Read more

9 September 2021

4 years since the Rohingya refugee influx, UNFPA remains committed to supporting women and girls in Cox's Bazar

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, 9 September 2021 – August 2021 marked four years since almost a million Rohingya people fled to Bangladesh from neighbouring Myanmar, settling in a broad network of refugee... Read more

7 September 2021

Strengthening health and gender services in Cox’s Bazar district with US$38.8 million through World Bank financing

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most left behind districts in comparison with national indicators on health and nutrition across Bangladesh. High infant mortality, high fertility rates, and increased... Read more

26 August 2021

UNFPA and KOICA collaborate to address menstrual hygiene in Cox’s Bazar

Accessing knowledge on menstrual hygiene management continues to challenge women and girls in Bangladesh. Difficulty to purchase proper menstrual hygiene products, lack of adequate sanitary... Read more

19 August 2021

Transforming education for adolescents and youth in the Rohingya camps, one micro-garden at a time

In a context of limited space, limited educational opportunities, and a country highly prone to flooding and climate-related disasters, micro-gardening provides an opportunity for adolescent girls... Read more