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Safeguarding menstrual health during floods

On 4 July 2020, a forecast predicted that there was a high risk of severe flooding occurring in five districts located along the Jamuna River in Bangladesh. This forecast prompted the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to release an emergency grant to three UN agencies: WFP, FAO, and UNFPA. For the first time ever, the emergency grant provided by CERF was to be used to prepare at-risk communities for the forthcoming disaster.  Through the pilot, 4,500 menstrual health management kits were distributed among adolescent girls between the ages of 10-19. Among these adolescent girls, 170 were individuals with special needs. 

In the stories included in this book, 15 of the 4,500 recipients of the kits share their experiences of how the project affected their lives as adolescent girls in their community.