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Fidelity, Barriers and Facilitators to implementation of Referral Hub and Shuttle Service on the Utilization of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Rohingya Refugee Population: An Implementation Research

A majority of the maternal related deaths worldwide occur due to preventable pregnancy-related complications. Therefore ‘delay’ to seek care is a significant contributing factor to death. Delays in seeking timely maternity care from health care professionals are crucial to address among the Rohingya population where many preventable pregnancy-related deaths occur within the camps when care is not sought. To mitigate the challenges related to the referral of emergency and routine Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) cases, UNFPA, through its partners, is implementing “Referral hub” and “Shuttle service”, respectively. These components offer free transport services to women with SRHR needs to access the facilities. The current study explores the fidelity of referral hub for emergency obstetric services and shuttle service for routine care to improve utilization of SRHR services among the Rohingya population, and their barrier and facilitators.