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The purpose of this consultancy is to conduct a service assessment of the justice sector to identifies key barriers to access judiciary support and understand the followings;

  1. To what extent the justice services meet standards of care for, and fulfilment of rights of children, women and girls including adolescents who have experienced gender-based violence—based on the UN Essential Services Package for Women and Girls subject to violence;
  2. Identify key strengths, gaps and factors which are influencing the quality of essential justice services for GBV survivors that can inform concrete actions for improvement or expansion of services.
  3. In addition, identify factors related to the current COVID-19 / pandemic context that affected essential justice services, and how can these be addressed?

This assignment will also produce a set of recommendations which will guide steps in the justice sector's programming to improve the access to justice for the women and girls who are subject to violence. 


For more information, please refer to the attached terms of reference.


Applicants with the required qualifications and experience stated above (required expertise, qualifications and competencies, including language requirements) should submit a copy of curriculum vitae (CV) with a cover letter.


Please send your application electronically to dedicated email addresses of:


The application deadline is 19 August 2021.


Note: Only those candidates who meet all qualifications and experience will be contacted for further consideration. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.