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Although Bangladesh has a low prevalence of HIV/AIDS (less than 1% among the general population), low rates of condom use and low level of awareness about HIV/AIDS have far-reaching implications on HIV transmission to vulnerable segments of the society (e.g. IDUs).  Young boys are also particularly vulnerable to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and HIV/AIDS.

Inadequate knowledge and peer pressure many boys get involved in unprotected sex/commercial sex and drug use which make them extremely vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and STI.  Access to appropriate SRH information and services for this group remains inadequate, as it does within the general population.  Building awareness about HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, particularly the promotion of condom use among youth and high-risk groups is of paramount importance to adolescent SRH, as well as the overall status of SRH for the country.

UNFPA in Bangladesh therefore works together with national partners to:

  • Encourage HIV testing as a large number of cases are unreported
  • Raise more awareness on safe sexual practices, especially among the large number of migrant workers.