UNFPA Bangladesh Annual Report 2017

Key results towards leaving no one behind

No. of pages: 22

Publication date: May 2018

Author: UNFPA Bangladesh

Publisher: UNFPA Bangladesh

UNFPA Bangladesh programme:

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

UNFPA is working to end maternal deaths in Bangladesh and ensure reproductive rights for all. UNFPA is strengthening the health system at all levels – from supporting Government policy to deploying professional midwives – to ensure quality sexual and reproductive health care is delivered across the country, including maternal and newborn care, family planning, fistula treatment, and screenings and treatment for cervical and breast cancers and STIs. UNFPA achieves this by supporting key government ministries and working with NGOs, academia, and other civil society actors.

Gender equality and women’s empowerment

Persistent gender inequality and gender-based violence continue to deny women and girls opportunities, safety, and their human rights. Removing these barriers could accelerate Bangladesh’s progress towards the SDGs. UNFPA, the government and partners are joining together to advance gender equality, end child marriage and harmful practices, and prevent and eliminate all forms of gender-based violence (GBV) in all spheres if society.

Humanitarian Response

UNFPA responded to a number of emergencies in 2017, including floods, landslides, Cyclone Mora and the Rohingya refugee crisis. UNFPA integrates its Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender-Based Violence interventions to ensure the health, safety and dignity needs of women and girls, who are especially vulnerable in the turmoil of humanitarian crises, are met comprehensively.

Adolescent and Youth Programme

Around one-third of Bangladesh’s population are adolescents and youth. For Bangladesh to reap the benefits of its sizeable adolescent and youth population, UNFPA works with the government to put the right investments and policies in place for their health, education and employment so they reach their full potential for healthier, happier lives and can contribute to Bangladesh’s sustainable development.

Population dynamics

UNFPA does upstream advocacy, strengthens national statistical capacity, generates disaggregated data, and conducts research to inform government policies and planning around population, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender, and adolescents and youth issues.